Internal and external grades for all moulding processes and elastomers. 

  • Greatly reduced mould build up.
  • Contains no silicone, stearate or natural wax..
  • Improved surface finish, no blooming.
  • Highly efficient water based externals.
  • Improved hot tear resistance.
  • Special products for peroxide cure EPDM and rubber metal bonding.
  • With internal mould release no sprayed externals.
  • Improved filler dispersion.
  • Higher physical properties.
  • Consistent and accurate finish exactly copying mould contours.
  • Food contact and medical grades available.
Roll out mats for workout and aerobics

Roll out mats for workout and aerobics


PAT products, delivered by WÛRTZ cover a wide range of internal and external release agents and lubricants for most application fields of the rubber industry. Experiences of more than 30 years resulted in the development of products showing a high manufacturing safety, allowing optimum rationalizations, obtaining a reduction of ecological damage as well as the reduction of cost to a minimum.

A very important argument for the use of external and internal release agents and lubricants is the reduction of mould fouling. Many synthetic polymers, especially halogenated types cause mould fouling and in some cases corrosion.

Further on various components of the compound ( especially if not fully dispersed) are causing deposits on the mould. Analyses of these deposits mainly show the following elements: carbon, calcium, sulphur, magnesium and iron.

Once the first traces of deposits appear on the mould surface, a rapid increase of mould dirtying will follow. The subsequent cleaning process in most cases is too frequent, too long and too expensive.

In order to reduce the costs caused by bad unmoulding, rapid mould dirtying and too high reject rates we recommend the use of external and/or internal release agents and lubricants which are rationalizing the manufacturing process. The technical data are shown on the enclosed leaflets.

When choosing between external and internal release agents and lubricants, internals should be the first choice as they provide important advantages. Besides better unmoulding, internal release agents and lubricants can also effect an improvement of mechanical properties of the finished articles due to better dispersion of fillers and other components. Not having to spray external release agents means reduction of cycle time.


PAT- 31/39 Powder
PAT- 44/04 Pellets X X X X X X X X X X
PAT- 44/660 Liquid X
PAT- 754/M Liquid X
PAT- 760 Liquid X X X X X X X X X
PAT- 760/DL Dry Liquid X X X X X X X X X
PAT- 765 Powder
PAT- 766/B Powder X X X
PAT- 766/F Powder X X
PAT- 777 Powder X X X X X
PAT- 778 Flakes X X X X
PAT- 2790 Powder X X X X X X X
PAT- RU-55/P Powder X X X X
PAT- RU-55/P4 Powder X